Reclaim your Child’s Life! Unlock the Key to Faster Recovery for your child with a concussion.

Seeing your child on the ground during a game is hard to watch.

We know concussions are a risk during a head collision or a heavy hit.

Parents often don’t know what to do to help their kids recover.

We are here to help make a scary, complicated injury less stressful.

Recovery is possible!

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A head injury occurs, this could be a fall down the stairs, getting hit in the head, car accident etc. The general public and many doctors do not know what to do after that. Maybe your provider will shine a light in your eyes and look at your pupils, have you follow something in your field of vision or even do a CT scan. Many times concussions are not diagnosed right away.

Often times, it’s the headaches, confusion and memory loss that catches everyone's attention and the injury is finally taken seriously.

A brain injury cannot be seen. Diagnosis is based on comparison of the person before and after injury. This makes diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

Managing the recovery can be a complex and overwhelming, leaving everyone feeling unsure of how to best support and ensure a full recovery.


The Concussion Recovery Program

Unlock the Key to Faster Recovery.

70% of concussions heal within the first 2-4 weeks. They essentially heal on their own, without any intervention.

18% of patients diagnosed with concussions are still not back at school or work within 6 months. Their memory has been effected, they cannot remember how to do menial tasks like open their email. It is very common for depression to set in and sleep to be disturbed. Family members get frustrated, coaches and teachers get tired of the excuses and their concussed or brain injured individuals start to get left behind.

It is not their fault. They do not have the tools to understand exactly what is going on in their bodies. It is even scarier when you have already tried multiple doctors, different specialties and you still do not feel like yourself.

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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Joe M.

We woke up in the middle of the night and our son was standing in the backyard for no reason. We couldn’t leave him alone without him getting lost and confused. Three visits to Dr. Allison and she had him back at school, free of brain fog and working to get his strength back!

Amanda J.

Doctor Allison helped us when no one else knew what to do. Five weeks after the initial injury, we had been to 4 different doctors and my daughter was still having headaches and emotional outbursts of crying regularly. She took the time to sit down with us, explain what was happening in her body and gave us simple steps to bring Sarah back to life. She is now back on the basketball court and having her best season yet!

Your child was recently diagnosed with a concussion. Sometimes you know something is off and other times you might think they are perfectly fine. Are you over-reacting? Do they really need to sit out of school, PE and sports? You don’t have confidence in the direction to proceed. In the end, you want the best for your child and you know you have to protect the long term effects of their brain. How do you know what’s right for your child? The worst, going to the doctor and you know more about concussions than they do. So, now where do you turn?

This product is for the serious parent that wants their child to have the best healing chances. They want the brain to fully recover and reduce the risk of becoming susceptible to subsequent concussions. Since this injury is blind to the eye it is really hard to know what’s best and to trust your gut.

With the Concussion Recovery Program you will know the exact steps you need to take everyday to get your life back.

Eventually you will forget about the daily headaches, stop worrying every time you walk into a brightly lit room and just start enjoying life again.

Get the Concussion Recovery Program Now!

Say goodbye to…


🙅 Laying awake at night questioning what’s wrong with you and why you can’t be “normal” again

🙅 Worrying about whether you should stay at home in your dark quiet room or start doing the activities you used to love and enjoy

🙅 Scouring the internet for answers to all your questions - which only lead to more questions

🙅 Continued debilitating headaches and memory problems

Instead, you’ll...


🥳 Have confidence your improving everyday

🥳 Know the exact “next steps” to further the healing

🥳 Return back to school, work and sports without any hiccups

🥳 Be a happy, healthy and energetic individual enjoying everything they love

The Concussion Recovery Program

On-demand online course to unlock the key to faster concussion recovery, a monthly membership and a comprehensive healing blueprint.

Get the Concussion Recovery Program Now!


Conventional treatment has you driving around town to different appointments all the while your child is miserable. Finding practitioners who have knowledge in concussions injuries is a whole other problem. This course can be done 100% at home. You can read or watch the content over and over again. You will be able to easily identify where you're struggling and get specific help to alleviate their symptoms. We know it’s not all about returning to sports, it’s about their whole life. We have a course for ALL OF IT!

Module 1:

Introduction to Concussions

  • What is a concussion?
  • What causes a concussion?
  • What are the signs and symptoms?
  • When should my child get tested?
  • What are the types of concussions?

Module 2:

How do I know if it is really a Concussion?

  • How to diagnose?
  • Imaging of a concussion
    Cognitive testing
  • What is happening in the brain?
  • Red flags
  • Post concussion syndrome
  • Second concussion syndrome

Module 3:

Why do I feel so different?

  • Lifestyle limitations
  • Can they sleep?
  • Mood changes
  • Side effects

Module 4:

The Recovery Plan

  • Recovery plan
  • Nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Modalities
  • Massage

Module 5:

Return to School

  • Going back to School
  • Reading and books
  • Lights
  • Screen time

Module 6:

Return to Play

  • Who is licensed to help (MD, ATC, DC)
  • What is Return to Play
  • Example of Return to Play
  • Risks of returning too early

Module 7:


  • Various sport specific RTP examples
  • Facebook group for parental support
  • Workbook
  • Podcast episode links


With the Concussion Recovery Program to return to the life you enjoy with confidence and pride, just like our other successful graduates.


Do you suspect you or someone you love to have suffered from a concussion recently?

❓ Have you been getting the runaround from your medical providers in the area?

❓ Have they been complaining of headaches recently?

❓ Does your child feel like they are walking through life in a fog?

❓ Has your child’s mood changed after a head injury?

❓ Does your child walk around with noise canceling headphones or sunglasses all the time?

❓ Are they forgetful? Constantly entering a room and don’t remember why they went in there? Maybe they are repeating the same questions over and over again?

The Concussion Recovery Program is an easy to follow step by step process to aid in your child’s concussion healing. We will take all the stress and guesswork out of it for you. Just follow the steps and watch your child come back to life!

Get the Concussion Recovery Program Now!

This is What's Included

⁕ 14 modules on Concussion Recovery

⁕ Return to Play Training for confidence and ease.

⁕ Email Support Community

⁕ Total value of over $500. The Concussion Recovery Program is only it’s $297. 

⁕ Secure Payment Options

Get the Concussion Recovery Program Now!

Here's What Others Are Saying...

Sarah H.

My son was just at a jump park for a birthday party and came home with a headache. The next day he complained of a really bad, intense headache. The 3rd day he had a hard time carrying on a conversation and was sleeping a lot. Dr. Allison’s program quickly reduced his headaches and slowly gave him his energy back. Now we can’t keep up with him again! 

Brianna J.

My son blacked out at recess after hitting his head on a slide. We started Dr. Allison’s program the following day and 10 days later he is symptom free, back at school and enjoying his friends at hockey! 

Imagine witnessing your child go down after a collision while they were playing the sport they dearly love. The fear of not knowing what is going on, are they going to be ok AND the stress of not knowing who to turn to. Now imagine they are no longer behaving like they normally would. They are confused and repeating themselves. Or they are talking so slowly you cannot carry on their train of thought. On top of that, they are complaining of things like headaches, ringing in the ears and/or dizziness.

Then imagine what it would be like if you could spend just 10 minutes each day learning exactly what is happening in their brain, exploring the tools to help them reduce their symptoms, find themselves again, return to school and get back on that field stronger than ever.

This is exactly what the Concussion Recovery Program is for. It is for people who want their lives back. Those who want to feel whole again.

How is this different?

How is The Concussion Recovery Program different from all the other concussion courses out there?

⁕ It is not a course, it is a Plug-n-Play template with video instructions.

⁕ We have answered all the questions for you. This way you can spend your time knowing the steps to get better.

⁕ Say goodbye to the overwhelm. Take charge at home!

⁕ Through our strategic and methodical video instructions we will be able to walk you through concussion recovery step by step

⁕ This course is not only created by a certified concussion practitioner but a mom who has been through it with her own child. Dr. Allison understands the stress, the sleepless nights and the blessing of knowledge and hope.

Get the Concussion Recovery Program Now!

How much life do you think you have already missed out on since suffering from a concussion?

If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then I know you are searching for answers to help. You know that things cannot continue this way but you probably don’t know what to do.

Let me help you! Let me take the guesswork out of the way so you can go back to being the loving, caring parent. Concussion recovery takes patience and you need to be there for your child.

Just ask yourself, what will happen if you do nothing? You need help, I’m here to give it.

Get the Concussion Recovery Program Now!

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